Newly released “TuneD3 PROFESSIONAL”

Posted on: 10 01, 2014

We would like to introduce “TuneD3 PROFESSIONAL”, which has been newly added to TuneD3 line-up, final polishing films for 3D printer.

TuneD3 PROFESSIONAL can be used for polishing ABS/PLA as well as acrylic resin. In addition, flawless-surface can be attained by using 2 types of polishing films.

Also note that we changed the names of existing products as below.
“TuneD3 for ABS/PLA” => “TuneD3 BASIC”
“TuneD3 for aclylic resin” => “TuneD3 STANDARD”


(Starting from left “TuneD3 BASIC”、“TuneD3 STANDARD”、“TuneD3 PROFESSIONAL”)