New TuneD3 for 3D Prints (Acrylic resin) released

Posted on: 07 26, 2014

TuneD3 for Acrylic resin has been released. Compared to ABS and PLA which are often used in FDM method, acrylic resin is difficult to be mirror-polished. With TuneD3 for acrylic, it can be easily mirror-polished with only four steps. 3D-Print-photo143D-Print-photo18

Polishing Objects: Acrylic resin molded item
Characteristic: TuneD3 enables mirror polishing of multicolor and clear objects, while maintaining the original color.  

*1st Step Rough Polish
Polishing Film: Green Film

*2nd-4th Step Final Polish
Polishing Film: Pink film + Blue film + Yellow film

3D-Print photo20