Polishing Machine for 450mm wafer has been newly released. Polishing service is to begin in July 2015

Posted on: 05 11, 2015

Mipox releases polishing machine for 450mm wafer.
This machine is equipped with a newly-developed polishing head and the polishing technology that Mipox accumulated over many years. Polishing service is also to begin in July 2015, and we would like to start accepting reservations.
Details of the polishing machine are as below. Please feel free to contact us for the development of 450mm polishing process.

Detalis of the polishing machine (development concept)
 - Film removal is available by the surface polishing feature installed with polishing film method.
 - Newly-developed polishing head enables stable edge polish without compromising circularity. 
 - It achieves high efficiency of polishing process at over double speed with newly-developed polishing films.
 - Universal control for notch shapes / polishing quantity is available.
 - Includes polishing method for top edge of wafer periphery.
 - Simple cleaning mechanism is also included.