Where to Buy


Authorised Distributors for MIPOX’s PROBE CARD CLEANING SHEET in South East Asia:

A-Trine Technologies Pte Ltd (S.E.A Region, Exclude Northen Part Malaysia)

CSM Sdn Bhd (Northen Part Malaysia only)


Important Notice: Unauthorized MIPOX’s Dealers

To ensure that you only receive the highest quality of MIPOX’s PROBE CARD CLEANING SHEET, MIPOX is committed to selling its products through a trusted network of carefully selected authorized dealers. MIPOX strongly advises customers to purchase only from authorized MIPOX dealers and to be aware of the possible risks that may result from purchasing products through untrusted or unverified resellers.

There are unauthorized dealers that sell MIPOX’s PROBE CARD CLEANING SHEET in South East Asia. These products may be defective, damaged, “B” stock goods, counterfeit products, Knock-offs, stolen goods, or products obtained through secondary “gray” market channels. While these products may look like MIPOX’s products, it is important to know that they are not MIPOX products, have not been tested and MIPOX cannot guarantee the quality or effectiveness of such products.

It is fully your responsibility as a customer to ensure that the dealer you purchase from is an authorized MIPOX’s dealer.

To locate an authorised dealer, please contact us at +6583883383 or email: map.sales@mipox.co.jp