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  • Alkaline detergent.
  • Excellent organic stain and inorganic particles removal.
  • Easy to rinse off by water.
  • High thermal stability.
  • Superior hard surface cleaning.


 Special Cleaner

Water based detergent designed for medium to heavy-duty hard surface cleaning. Typical dilution rates are 3.0% - 10.0% by volume. Detergent can be used at temperature of 30oC to 70oC. Recommended for ultrasonic and megasonic immersion.

Detail product : specialty-cleaner_rev-06

Mipox detergents are manufactured in clean room environment and processed through 0.2μm filtration. All detergents are formulated with high purity raw material and clean water source for high technology markets such as HDD manufacturing, semiconductor and electronic industry. Detergents packing available in pail (5L; 20L) and drum (180 ~ 200L).