Abrasive Paper


Waterproof Abrasive Paper Sheet

The representative abrasive paper is indispensable for creating aesthetic painted surface.
This type is exceptionally durable and can be utilized for both dry and wet applications.
The waterproof abrasive paper which has the best finishing performance has been supplied till grit 3000 and can be met the demand of various size and pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing for each kind of specimen polishing machine manufacturers.




Dry Abrasive Paper Sheet

The item has outstanding capability to prevent clogging and has excellently durable polishing force due to its great flexibility and the use of special DS process (treated with metal soap).



Abrasive Paper Belt For Wood

The abrasive paper belt is used for sanding plain wood and prepainted surfaces of the kitchen wooden door for residential use and the furniture which are familiar to us.



Abrasive Paper Disc「DRY TACK with glue/MAGIC TACK with magic」

There are two type of paper disc, glue type and magic tape type according to the desorption method.