Polishing Films


Polishing Films

・High precision finish
・Versatile base film with excellent resistance to both water and oil
・Enables to use in automated polishing equipments


・Hard Disks  ・Fiber Optic Connectors  ・Micromotors and Commutators  ・LCD Panels Color Filters  ・Magnetic Heads ・Semiconductor substrates etc.

Line Up

Abrasive Materials:
【GC】(SiC)Green silicon carbide / 【WA】(Al2O3)White aluminum oxide / 【K】(Cr2O3)Chromium oxide / 【ROI】(Fe2O3)Iron oxide / 【D】(C)Diamond / 【CE】(CeO2)Cerium oxide / 【SO(SI)】(SiO2)Silicon oxide 
Base Film Thickness:
【PET】75μm(3mil) / 50μm(2mil) / 25μm(1mil)

WA10000-FB-AM0-1-1 WA10000-FB-AM0-1-3