Fibre Optics

Diamond Films



  • Newly developed tapes for fiber optics
  • High durability

Product Line up


Finishing Films(026Ultimas)



  • Extra polishing rate crate
  • Short Polishing Time
  • Long Life

Polishing Data

Ultimas Data


Finishing Films(SO-HG)



Meeting all measurement requirements for the final stage of optical fiber polishing, the Mipox final finish fiber optic finishing film (SO-HG) has been successful in improving both yield rates, and overall connector surface quality.
 Eliminating the use of slurry, and having the capacity to be used for multiple cycles, the SO-HG has proven to be a cost efficient mechanism in reducing production costs. The SO-HG yields ‘No visible scratches’ at 400X magnification, a lower than 60dB return loss, and consistent fiber protrusion.


  • Slurry less polishing
  • High durability (3-5 times)
  • Possilbe  -60db return loss
  • Consistent fiber protrusion
  • No visible scratches’ at 400X magnification


Finishing Films(026Ultimas NEC2 Series)

Ultimas is a polishing film with deep submicron silica suitable for final-polishing of the end surface of fiber optics cable. With two product types, Ultimas series responds to various technical requirements, contributing to better production yield.

  • Superior End Face
  • High durability type and positive FH type available
  • Shorter polishing time
  • Less adhesion on the surface

NEC2 vs FO1-3N

Fiber height comparison

Polishing result


Interferometer result for 1-3N                                 

 Visual check

Flocked Cleaning Tape


  • Uses soft nylon pile
  • Wet and dry cleaning are possible
  • Suitable for hand and machine polishing

Before cleaning                        After cleaning