Magnetic Head and Media Polishing Tapes


In response to the different needs of magnetic head precision polishing, a variety of different tapes have been developed; our polishing tapes and slurry are known and used throughout the world and with our technical know-how and years of experience we can always recommend the optimum method for the polishing of magnetic heads made from a variety of different materials.


Magnetic Head Polishing Tapes


  • Data tracing heads
  • Video heads
  • Audio heads
  • Floppy heads

Magnetic Media Polishing Tapes



Polishing of Video Tapes and Floppy Disks

Magnetic tape can find few superiority compare to HDD. Exact abrasion is made on the videotape and floppy disk with a polishing film for surface precision improvement. We think that we can anticipate the demand for magnetic tape in future as the media suitable for data archive.




Micro Motor Polishing Tapes


 Polishing of Micro Motor Shaft Commutator

Micro motor production has been increasing every year and micro motors are used in many different fields, such as home electrical appliances, cell phones, automobiles, and computers. In the manufacture of micro motors, our polishing tapes are used for the precision polishing of shaft commutators. We make polishing tape from a minimum of 0.8mm to accommodate to the width of the shaft commutator.