TuneD3 BASIC: Polishing Film for 3D Printer (for ABS/PLA)

3D printer makes the solid body by stacking layers that are printed on the cross section flatly. Due to the stack-up printing method, traces can be seen.

Our TuneD3 BASIC is able to remove the traces and make the mirror surface.

Also note that we changed the name of existing products as below.
“TuneD3 for ABS/PLA” => “TuneD3 BASIC”


[Introduction of a use example]
Polishing Instructions with the Sample.

3D-Print-photo1 3D-Print-photo2

3D-Print photo6-1 3D-Print photo7-1

Polishing Objects: ABS/PLA Resin Molding
Features: Only 2 step polishing, it can mirror without stacked trace (Wet Polish)
Polishing Time: about 3 minutes in parts of 3cm square

*1st Step  Rough Polish
Polishing Film: Green Film

*2nd Step Final Polish
Polishing Film: Blue Film

Size of Polishing Film: 114mm X 93mm square

3D-Print photo3


Internal Trial ]


TuneD3_Green_Sheet TuneD3_Final_After_Blue