TuneD3 HiPOLISH(Polishing Slurry for Acrylic 3D Printer Object)

TuneD3 HiPOLISH is a new lineup of TuneD3 series which is especially applicable to the final polishing of Acrylic object.

Since HiPOLISH is the first liquid type of TuneD3 series, it is possible to polish the parts which was difficult with TuneD3 “BASIC” “STANDARD” “PROFESSIONAL”.

In addition, HiPOLISH can polish the wide area.



Object: Acrylic resin
Effect: It is possible to polish the parts which is difficult with films. It can polish wider area as well. 

Process: Slurry + Hair raising sheet 

HiPOLISH Trial kit
Slurry: 10ml
Hair raising sheet: 1pc

Slurry: 100ml
Hair raising sheet : 3pcs