TuneD3 PROFESSIONAL: Polishing Film of 3D printer (Final)

Newly released TuneD3 PROFESSIONAL enables you to realize the finest finishing surface of 3D printer works.

The surface of TuneD3 PROFESSIONAL is much finer than the mirror-polish surface by TuneD3 BASIC and TuneD3 STANDARD.


Object: ABS/PLA, Acrylic
Effect: It is possible to make scratch-less surface even to the microscope level.

*1st Step Polish
Polishing Film: Pink Film (Wet Polish)

*2nd-4th Step Final Polish
Polishing Film: Gray Sheet (Dry Polish)


* TuneD3 line up. Right side is “TuneD3 PROFESSIONAL”


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TuneD3 PROFESSIONAL01(After Pink Film) TuneD3 PROFESSIONAL02(After Gray Film)