TuneD3 STANDARD: Polishing Film for 3D Printer (for Acrylic)

TuneD3 STANDARD is for Acrylic resin.

Compared to ABS and PLA which are often used in FDM method, acrylic resin is difficult to be mirror-polished.
With TuneD3 STANDARD, it can be easily mirror-polished with only four steps.
Our Final Polishing Film is able to remove the traces and make the mirror surface.

Also note that we changed the name of existing products as below.
“TuneD3 for aclylic resin” => “TuneD3 STANDARD”


[Introduction of a use example]
Polishing Instructions with the Sample.


3D-Print photo14 3D-Print photo18


Polishing Objects: Acrylic resin molded item
Characteristic: TuneD3 enables mirror polishing of multicolor and clear objects, while maintaining the original color.  


*1st Step Rough Polish
Polishing Film: Green Film

*2nd-4th Step Final Polish
Polishing Film: Pink film + Blue film + Yellow film

3D-Print photo20


Internal Trial ]

TuneD3 STANDARD01(Before Polishing)

TuneD3 STANDARD02(After Green Film) TuneD3 STANDARD03(After Darkpink Film)

TuneD3 STANDARD04(After Blue Film) TuneD3 STANDARD05(After Yellow Film)