Flexible Printed Circuit

Hoop Material Polisher (FPC Polisher)

Hoop Material Polisher (FPC Polisher)


  • Continuous feeding of tape gives a constant and stable finish. No clogging of polishing waste.
  • Rotatory polishing head enables large amounts of polishing in a shorter time.
  • By changing the grade of polishing tape, any desired level of surface roughness can be produced. The two head type polisher carries out rough and finish polishing at the same time.
  • Uses only pure water and is chemical liquid free with easy handling.

Why the NMFP-6?

The flexible printed circuit – FPC – is an indispensable circuit board for any electronic equipment or modules that are thin and with moving parts, e.g. cell phone, digital camera, LCD, HDD, DVD or optical pickups. The application of FPCs continues to steadily expand and as the FPC is evolving, becoming multi-leveled, thinner and with a higher density, there is a need for competitive prices and stable supplies. The FPC polisher has been developed to meet the demand for stable supplies of flatter and thinner FPCs.