Thermal printer head polishing machine (desk top model)

It is a device polishing an R part edge face part of the thermal head component (ceramics). It becomes the system doing X-Y moving in the forwarding direction of polishing film and the perpendicular direction. We can choose surface finish you like by changing mesh size of polishing film. 

The feature is that equipment weight is light at desk size


Polishing Tape Lapping Machine

For the total coordinated polishing and cleaning solution, we recommend a machine using polishing tape.

NML-6H Vertical Polishing Tape Lapping Machine

  • metal materials
  • printed-circuit boards
  • metal, glass and resin circuit boards
  • metal hoops
  • precision components

Advantages over conventional equipment

  • Smooth stage revolution by setting the tape winding and rewinding mechanism vertically.
  • Any setting of stage rotation speed from 100 to 400 rpm.
  • New gears allow the tape feed speed to be set within a smaller range.
  • A timer sets the polishing time from 20sec to 180sec.


  • Processes large quantities
  • Cost Savings
  • Even finishing
  • Easy operation and perfect finish
  • Advanced polishing attachment fitting*
  • Suitable for many purposes, e.g. many types of head, fiber or jewelry


Tape width 6″ (152.4mm)
Core size ø1″ (ø25.4mm) inside diameter
Size / Weight 350 (W) X 635 (D) X 360 (H) mm Weight: Approx. 45kg.
Turning table revolution 100-400rpm (error ± 3%)
Turning table surface dislocated Within ± 100µm (position 70R)
Power supply AC100V ± 10V 50 or 60Hz Electric power consumption: 1.2KVA

*Attachment fitting is optional.


Micro Finisher

Easy operation and yet delivers a performance beyond super finish, an ultra precision surface with an incomparable uniformity and level of polishing striations.

NMR-50/100 Micro Finisher

  • office automation equipment parts
  • printing and copier rolls
  • automotive parts
  • micro motor shafts
  • Precision polishing of metal, rubber and resin materials

Film polishing equipment

By selecting the right grade of polishing tape, it is easy to obtain the degree of roughness required and by employing roll film, continuous and stable surface finishing is possible.

Compact and lightweight body

The compact and lightweight body allows easy attachment, removal and installation into your equipment; it may also be incorporated into an automation line.

Both dry and wet polishing is possible.

Capable of many types of super precision finish

Our super precision finished polishing tape, with evenly coated microscopic abrasive particles on polyester film, will fulfill all your demands for higher precision and mirror plane finishing.


Type NMR-50 NMR-100
Tape width 2″ (50.8mm) 4″ (101.6mm)
Tape length MAX.100m MAX.100m
Tape feeding speed 0-50mm/min 0-50mm/min
Oscillation frequency 0-27Hz 0-27Hz
Oscillation stroke ±2mm ±2mm
Contact roller hardness *50Hs *50Hs
Air pressure 4kgf/C㎡ 4kgf/C㎡
Power supply AC100V50/60Hz AC100V50/60Hz
Weight Approx.30kg. Approx.35kg.
  • 2″ and 4″ tape width available.
  • Attach the tape at the back of the lathe cross slide.
  • Special stand available; we will be pleased to design a stand to your specifications and give an estimate.