Flat Panel Display


Cerium slurry for surface precision polishing was developed to remove scratches from a panel surface.

High polishing performance

Compared with traditional polishing slurry, a higher polishing rate has been made possible by mixing in more abrasive. Furthermore, as it is a free abrasive coating, it will not damage the panels and can remove scratches up to approx. 5µm deep.

Excellent washing performance

The conventional residue problem of liquid abrasives – the amount of abrasive left after polishing – has been greatly improved. The inclusion of additives especially effective for glass polishing, now allows washing and wiping to be carried out in a short time.

Low running costs

For small size panels, e.g. cell phones, only a few drops of this slurry are enough for polishing; one manufacturer has reworked up to 70% of discarded panels.

Compatible with plastic panels

This polishing slurry removes scratches not only on glass but also plastic panel.

Comparison photograph: before and after polishing