Customised Development & Polishing Services

Mipox provides customized development and polishing services for surface to edge polishing with capability to match customer requirements from geometries to surface finishes.



  • With our lineup of polishing consumables and wide range of polishing know-how, we can provide our optimized solution.
  • We can provide solutions from small lot to high-volume, consumables, polishing machines, process and technology. 
  • Our process development engineer will provide direct input to your needs.
  • We have wide range of inspection equipment to analyze the quality before and after polishing.


Mipox grinding film test for SiC (Chamfer Creation)



Semiconductor wafer size-down service


Mipox provides size-down (resizing) service for various semiconductor wafers. Please feel free to contact us for further specification.

Wafer material:Si, Glass, SiC
Possible wafer diameter:φ4inch to φ12inch
After processing:φ2inch to φ12inch

*Mipox also provides edge beveling and polishing services. This process contributes to the yield of  the post-process (e.g. Back grinding) by removing chipping from the wafer edge.