Evaluation and Analysis Services

We not only manufacture precision polishing consumable materials, we also have the technical knowledge to promise you unrivalled product support and after sales care. We are really passionate that you, our customer, get the very best use and performance from any of our products. To make sure that we really do deliver on our promise, we evaluate each product through actual polishing in our plant and by making use of our state-of-the-art facilities and technologies, we can provide evaluation and analysis data if require


  • Surface roughness meter – contact, non-contact
  • Surface size distribution – micro track X100, UPA, electrical resistance method
  • Moisture meter, Gloss meter, Haze meter, Microscope
  • Surface resistance measurement, Thickness meter
  • Viscometer B-type, handy type, process type
  • Particle counter for air and water
  • DSC
  • Film thickness gauge (ellipsometer, sheet resistance measuring machine)
  • White light interference microscope
  • Zeta-potential electrometer

                                AFM                                                                    Zygo

AFM  Zygo


            Glass Intensimeter