High Functional Film Manufacture

High Functional Film Manufacture

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Advanced Function Film Manufacturing

We asked ourselves the question: Now that we have over 30 years of technological expertise in coating dispersion, application and evaluation of polishing tapes, is it possible for us to make this knowledge available to other companies, who are manufacturing in a wide range of different fields. From out of this concept, our contract manufacturing started and in the future we will begin microscopic surface finishing for our customers.

Nano-surface technology: any idea, any problem, any time, consult with us

Please feel free to talk with us, at any time about any nano-surface technology ideas, problems or challenges you may have. By taking advantage of our integrated approach, covering all stages of the manufacturing process – from raw materials and mixing to coating, slitting, inspection, quality assessment and delivery – you can be assured of the best solution and the finest customer care. In order to ensure the same level of finish-quality evaluation, all quality assessments are carried out using the same measuring instruments as the customer. For all these reasons we can confidently recommend our coating manufacturing services.

The only company guaranteeing a Class 100 clean manufacturing environment

Our coating facilities are located in our super clean rooms and we are the only company providing a manufacturing environment guaranteeing a Class 100 level of cleanness for every line of film winding, coater head, dry kiln and film unwinding.

A coating thickness equal to spattering

Coating in the super clean room allows us to control and measure the film thickness in nanos. We have superb manufacturing facilities that give a coating speed of dozens of meters per minute; far faster than spattering.

A wide variety of coating is possible

In the super clean room our coating machines equipped with multi coater heads can apply high viscosity through to low viscosity coating. Our reputation is built upon our ability to always provide the optimum coating for your requirements.

Services now available

Menu Description
Coating Mixing This service deals with all dispersion methods; and takes your needs from the design of a prototype through to commercial-production and covers every stage in preparation, mixing and dispersion.
Coating For any size of production run, prototypes to full scale production, this service provides high-precision gauge control and clean environment coating; a variety of coating methods and coaters including UV processing facilities and a maximum coating width of 1650mm.
Slitting A variety of films are slit in a clean environment; finished widths range from a minimum of 3mm to a maximum of 1,100mm. Sheet cutting and bobbin rolling are also available.
Assessment & Analysis By using a range of precision instruments for assessment and analysis combined with the assessment technologies developed for polishing tapes, we can ensure the very highest quality control of a customer’s products.

When you contract manufacture with us, rest assured, we always follow specifications for a quality result.

We have the technology to control and process a surface from the micron to angstrom level; we are the only company in the world dealing with both fixed and free abrasive technology. We proudly offer our customers the total polishing and cleaning system incorporating fixed abrasive -polishing tapes - and free abrasive - polishing slurry.


Coating Mixing


The even dispersion of abrasive is essential to the production of precision polishing tapes and for decades we have accumulated the know-how for mixing an ever growing variety of abrasive materials and sizes with resin.
We have installed equipment into many mixing and dispersion facilities. Our service deals with all dispersion methods, from prototype-manufacture to commercial-production, at every stage of preparation, mixing and dispersion.

  • Sand mill
  • Ultrasonic dispersers
  • Rocking mixer
  • Homogenizer
  • Ball mill
  • Homomixer

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When we manufacture precision polishing tapes, the coating process is carried out in the clean room at our Yamanashi Plant. This service uses different coating methods and coaters in a clean environment to provide coating with high-precision gauge control; production runs range from small-lot prototypes to full-scale commercial production.


1350 Coater


1650 Coater




In the manufacture of precision polishing tapes the accuracy of the slitting width and the sharpness of the slitting edge are essential for ensuring the highest quality product. All of our slitting machines are installed in the clean room; all the films as well as gold leaf foil are slit in this clean environment.
By using a recombining blade the finished widths range from a minimum of 3mm to a maximum of 1700mm. Sheet cutting and bobbin rolling are also available.

500mm width slitting machine

 slit_photo013 slit_photo14

1700mm width slitting machine


 Slitting machines in Shanghai and Malaysia factories

 slitting-machine1 slitting-machine2

For Ultimate Slit Edge