“TuneD3 HiPOLISH” (Polishing Slurry for Acrylic 3D Printer Object) has newly released.

Posted on: 11 12, 2014

TuneD3 HiPOLISH is polishing slurry for finishing of acrylic 3D printer object.

TuneD3 HiPOLISH enables you to polish the parts which are difficult to do it with films. Also, you can polish the object with high precision by TuneD3 HiPOLISH.



*For further details, please take a look at the following pages.

TuneD3 BASIC (for ABS/PLA)
TuneD3 STANDARD (for Acrylic)
TuneD3 HiPOLISH (Liquid type for Acrylic)